About Me

I have been a photographer for over 25 years. My camera equipment that I use is Canon 640D EOS, Canon 60D EOS, Canon 6D.  My lenses range from a macro- telephoto lens that are all Canon.  I love, love, love, Photoshop CS 5 and now I have upgraded to Photoshop CS 6.  I enjoy exploring the many different plug-ins. If you are interested in reading more on the plug-ins that I use, I will provide a link to them below. This is my first blog so bear with me, I am Dyslexic and have trouble with grammar.  I hope that I make sense at times, I get very excited with writing down my thoughts but at times I don’t always check to see if they make sense!  If you would like to read more about me, just follow the aboutme link.

Topaz Labs

Flaming Pear


Alien Skin Software


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