Please Vote For Me!

I am asking for you all to consider voting for my instagram photo to be featured at at Instacanvas.  The image of this rose is from a bouquet of roses that I received for my Mother’s Day gift from my kids, husband and dogs.  I took the photo using iphone 5g, taking the photo using Camera + and then use the ToonCamera app to get this very cool drawing effect.  I would greatly appreciate your vote!  Plus, this photo is for sell at Instacanvas!



Let’s explore the world of iphone photography!

iphone photography  has totally changed everyone’s ability to take photos. It has given all of us a change to be that artistic genius whom we all know is inside of us! As a photographer, when I am looking upon a scene in my view finder, my mind is racing with all the possibility that when I take that shot, it will evoke all the drama, passion, artistic dreams that I had for that photo. Uncertainty hours later, when I am sitting in front of the computer, down loading my photos, I think, ” Wow, now that picture is just not as powerful or creative as I had hoped . ” Well, thank god for Photoshop to help create that artist photo that I wanted. Nevertheless, when I am in a rush or my back bothers me, and I don’t want to lug around my camera equipment; the iphone comes in handle, and it gives me wonderful results. I use much different photography apps to create the perfect vision that I was daydreaming about when taking the photo. My mom always taught me to share so I am sharing what I use, and I hope that you will share with me and the rest of us that use iPhone photography!